Angel Supernova Records Signs Singer-Songwriter Mickey Dole

(February 24, 2017 - Knoxville, TN) Knoxville based record label Angel Supernova Records has signed singer-songwriter Mickey Dole to their roster. Angel Supernova, which also has rising stars Nicole Daisy and Wendy Crystal on their roster, thinks Mickey Dole will be a strong addition to their roster.

Mickey Dole has been singing and writing songs since she was just eight years old. The Nashville based musician was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska but moved to Nashville to pursue a singing career just after graduating high school. She had a fair amount of success on major label Columbia Records but felt that she was being forced to brand herself in a way that was inconsistent with her core values. She was able to successfully negotiate an exit to her contract with Columbia and is happy to find herself now with a label that is committed to the development of her artistry and raw talent.

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About Angel Supernova Records

Angel Supernova Records is a small indie-pop record label focused on singer-songwriter/artist development. Our mission is to find and develop artists who make intelligent music that evokes emotion using raw talent and intriguing lyrics.

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